Today at Seven we got a shipment from Gareth Pugh.  The first two photos are what I wore today - cash print mesh cardigan made by me, tee courtesy of Blood is the New Black (SO cute), April 77 jeans, Demonia creepers and a Maria Francesca Pepe choker.  The warped checker print top (!!!) is one of my favorite pieces - high impact, comfortable and easy to wear.  We also got in a few of the mirror finish polyurethane pieces, but the long vest is definitely my favorite piece - it can be inflated (check out Gareth Pugh's S/S 11 short film to see it inflated), but obviously looks just fine on it's own.  The last photos are Gareth Pugh's scythe ring which was originally from his S/S 10 collection - they retail for $165 and sold out fast last time so get your butt down to the store soon if you want one.


  1. Omg. I was just talking to someone on fb about getting the Gareth ring next week. Love the checkered top. Also love the Maria Francesca Pepe spike ring in the background. So jealous.

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  3. A lot of bang for your buck, but completely awkward to wear.

  4. Oh well. I'll find out for myself. Also want something from Charlie Le Mindu and Alice Palmer but so damn poor atm. Btw, love your cash cardigan cutie pie.

  5. I am quite the budget fashioni$ta

  6. first of all, make me my own cash cardi! SOO CUTE
    second of all, i ALMOST bought the scythe ring last year for myself for my birthday from LVR but after i showed my ex roomate/best friend he ordered one for herself right away. bitchy move. the coolest thing about it is that it hits a certain pressure point in your hand that controls your hunger. pressure on that point supresses it. so the ring is like a apetite supressent. genius.

  7. Haha. That is awesome. I'll be wearing it everywhere. So long as it doesn't have a reversal effect.

  8. i wouldn't mind those leggings in black, very futuro. too bad so expensive.

  9. I've been debating over the scythe forever! Is it a good quality piece or is it just overpriced aluminum? And does it stay on your hand well or could it be easily lost?

  10. Wow. All that you tried on is amazing. :)

    And gareth puth at that price, id die.

  11. http://totallyinkarlcerating.blogspot.com/2011/05/judas.html

  12. I have two of the scythe rings from spring 2010 and from what I can tell, the design has been slightly modified and looks bigger, too.

    The ring does stay on the hand quite securely and won't be easily lost. Also, it's not that discomforting either. You get used to it and won't even realize it's on your hand after awhile. Great investment for sure.

  13. I finally ordered mine yesterday from Hervia. They're also in his 2011/12 collection but in gold.

  14. my god that ring/hand piece, sickingly amazing!!


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