Stopped by Seven today and checked out these new Emanuele Bicocchi necklaces.  The brass coil necklace looks like a mess of robotic worms that belongs on some extraterrestrial vixen's neck.  More photos on Seven's facebook page (they haven't been added to the website inventory yet).



It was an interesting coincidence that both Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry wore eastern influenced looks on the red carpet at the MTV VMAs - not to say they looked anything alike.  Katy Perry's dress by Atelier Versace is absolutely gorgeous, and I love that the dress in itself is the statement.  I'm not sure how I feel about what Nicki Minaj wore, but I like the colors and felt it was worth mentioning.

Of course, when it comes to Orientalism no one can compare to Bjork.  Her album art for both Post and Homogenic is nothing short of iconic.



This was a strange month for me.  I went back to work somewhere I had previously only worked a single week, filling in for the girl who was deemed more suitable for the full time job than me.  It was frustrating, but I'm not the best at retail with the average customer so I completely understood why I was let go.  Most of the customers are relatively conservative women and tourists (we're right by a few hotels in the LES) and obviously I'm not the most approachable looking person.  I spent a few days in the first week of the month as the blue collar pariah painting the floors (an eighteen hour job).  I was surprised it wasn't entirely unpleasant.  And then this past weekend and up to now I was back to being the sassy sales bitch.  While working I listened to Goldfrapp Felt Mountain and the Knife Silent Shout non stop - hours and hours and hours of bliss.  Obviously, there were some slow periods each day for me to take all these photos - I'm professional like that - but you know, I was working eight/nine hour days by myself.  Back in June when I had my first week I was lucky enough to have an intern (so strange having a "subordinate") keep me company and help out, but she quit when I was let go.

The jewelry below is all Alberto Juan.  I'm really into gold right now, and it's always best when a hand is completely decked out.  The silver pieces are all gorgeous, too, but obviously more understated - though the rhino horn ring is pretty sick.

In the last images I'm wearing a vintage fox coat (not mine, but similar to the one I wore HERE).

vintage floral shirt, holster harness, April 77 jeans, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony x NaNa Pole Climber boots.



Got this ridiculous shirt recently.  It was love at first sight.  Strangely enough the episode of Family Guy about Peter turning gay shows him in a shirt that's almost identical..

vintage Diane Von Furstenberg silk shirt
Vogue Paris May 2011



My Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots broke today. This was the second time wearing them.

I was at work and walking into the back of the store when I heard a loud crack like I stepped on something.  I picked up one of my feet to look at the sole of the shoe to see what I stepped on, but instead I saw a huge crack in the wedge.  You can see the crack is bad enough that I can stick a pen in it.




Vogue Italia March 1992



What I wore today - and a shearling jacket I just got.  Can it be fall now?

vintage jacket and tee, Uniqlo flannel, April 77 jeans, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony NaNa boots



It probably goes without saying:  I'm not a Teen Vogue reader.  But every so often they have an editorial with styling sophisticated enough to appeal to an older audience.  This is one of them (granted, I was seventeen when I first saw this one).  The styling was (obviously) influenced heavily by Balenciaga's F/W 07 collection, a few pieces even being included in the editorial.  The eclecticism of that collection will never cease to inspire me.

Teen Vogue September 2007



Just got this harness.  This is one of those things that had been on my wish list for a lonnng time, but kept getting passed up for those shoes I had to have, that jacket I had to have, etc etc.  Yes, somewhere down the road I'd like to buy one of Zana's brilliant creations, but in the meantime I wanted something more standard (and wallet friendly) to throw on whenever.

vintage shirt, tank courtesy of blood is the new black, sex shop harness, kill city jeans, frye boots



Among some recent finds, this rabbit fur coat is one of my favorites.  I threw it on over what I was wearing in a post a few days ago (different leggings, sunglasses, etc) to take a few pics - this one definitely couldn't wait for fall weather to be shared.  The coat is reversible, but feels so decadent with the fur worn against the skin that I wouldn't wear it any other way.  I also love the savage quality of the leather side of the hides worn on the outside.

vintage fur coat, tee and boots, F21 leggings



Gisele's first cover for i-D.  I like that they misspelled her name (above her eye).

i-D December 1998



I bought these Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony x NaNa pole climber boots yesterday after finding out they had been marked down.  I really like the awkward/clunky proportions on these - something hard to find outside second hand stores.  That being said, I was drawn to the boots I wore in the previous post (vintage) that I found a week ago because they look so much like the Chloe x OC boots.  But the vintage boots are quite snug so I took the opportunity to get the pair I originally wanted months ago and in a more comfortable size.



The past two months I haven't really been wearing boots at all which, for me, is pretty soul crushing.  So to offset the heat when I wore these boots I wore tights in place of pants.  The boots were originally knee high, but I wound up taking a pair of scissors to them and simply cutting off the top six inches of the shaft.  Worked out alright, surprisingly enough.  And with the lion tee and leopard tights it only seemed fitting to include Henri Rousseau's The Dream.

Btw check out this website - www.animalteez.com - if you're looking for something similar.

vintage tee and boots, tights from beacon's, maria francesca pepe cross choker, helmut lang loki bag



Awhile ago I fell in love when I saw this preview shot of one of Chris Habana's F/W 11 pieces.  I was really curious about the eyes but had no idea what they were until I had an opportunity to ask Chris when he stopped by Seven one day.  They're for taxidermy.



Yeah, so I bought these Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots.. I guess I should have my foot in my mouth??


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