This was a strange month for me.  I went back to work somewhere I had previously only worked a single week, filling in for the girl who was deemed more suitable for the full time job than me.  It was frustrating, but I'm not the best at retail with the average customer so I completely understood why I was let go.  Most of the customers are relatively conservative women and tourists (we're right by a few hotels in the LES) and obviously I'm not the most approachable looking person.  I spent a few days in the first week of the month as the blue collar pariah painting the floors (an eighteen hour job).  I was surprised it wasn't entirely unpleasant.  And then this past weekend and up to now I was back to being the sassy sales bitch.  While working I listened to Goldfrapp Felt Mountain and the Knife Silent Shout non stop - hours and hours and hours of bliss.  Obviously, there were some slow periods each day for me to take all these photos - I'm professional like that - but you know, I was working eight/nine hour days by myself.  Back in June when I had my first week I was lucky enough to have an intern (so strange having a "subordinate") keep me company and help out, but she quit when I was let go.

The jewelry below is all Alberto Juan.  I'm really into gold right now, and it's always best when a hand is completely decked out.  The silver pieces are all gorgeous, too, but obviously more understated - though the rhino horn ring is pretty sick.

In the last images I'm wearing a vintage fox coat (not mine, but similar to the one I wore HERE).

vintage floral shirt, holster harness, April 77 jeans, Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony x NaNa Pole Climber boots.


  1. You work with a praying mantis? Jelly! That fox coat is cool too.

  2. You have such incredible, unique taste. I always leave your blog inspired!

  3. HELLO I FUCKING LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111 hope you don't take this the wrong way but this was my first and honest reaction when i bumbt into yr blog!!:)


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