I had to bring my model form home over the summer while my school was renovating the studios I work in, but I never bothered to bring it back to school.  It's a huge pain in the ass so I'm thinking I'm just going to sell it since I really have no use for it anymore (other than using it as a fancy coat hanger).



I found this Adrienne Landau faux fur stole on ebay last week for cheap.  I wasn't positive I was going to love the color - flash photography, ya know - but it's really lush in person. Blue with black usually only happens when I wear denim, but I also like the more luxurious aspects you can bring out in these colors like in Charlie le Mindu's F/W 10 collection.  On another note, today I wore my coyote pelt instead of this stole, and while I was walking I saw a dog leashed up on the street.  I always stop and pet dogs, always always always.  I'm entirely dog obsessed and depressed that I haven't seen my own corgi for over a year now.  So I've been petting random dogs on the street in New York for three years, I've always felt really comfortable about it because normally I can read dogs pretty well - not this time.  The lil fucker bit me!  No warning growl, no shy ears and no frightened eyes, just teeth on my hand.  So now you know, if I stop blogging it's probably because I have rabies or tetanus and died or something.



Mash up of what I wore this weekend..  I spent most of my time in the studio cutting a seemingly endless amount of muslins.  It's really funny to see how everyone in my class is handling the pressure of making a senior collection, and of course after three years together it's easy to separate the realists from the dreamers.  Personally, I'm a mix of apathetic fuck up and strategic realist.  It works out alright.


V1RG1N14 SL1M5

I found a lavender faux fur coat last night that I may be getting soon if my boss will give me a decent discount on it.  It's one of those things I just can't pass up on.  I hunted down some gifs that sum up the thoughts running through my head when I tried it on..


F34$T F0R TH3 3Y35

Prada Fall/Winter 2011 accessory obsession.  I'll start with the bad:  I'm not *crazy* about the oversize button detailing on the shoes.  It's a bit too kitschy for me, and it looks super dowdy on the lower heels --- but these are painfully high so it's not really a big deal.  That being said, every other detail is flawless.. the curves are mesmerizing and the color palette is brilliant, as always.  I only wish there were some bags or shoes with those lush transparent paillettes that were on the jackets..


A F3W TH1NG5..

1.  What I wore to work on Friday.
2.  I saw this gorgeous neopolitan fox pelt at B&J.  Last time I was there the colors were better (see & drool HERE), but I hadn't ever seen a pelt like this one before - the mix of natural coloration and artificial is perfect.
3.  Double stacked docs I've been breaking in slowly.  They tore my feet up the first few times I wore them..



Suds for sunday.

Pierre et Gilles 1997


L0B0T0M1Z3D & S0D0M1Z3D

All Dior.  Deshabille and reckless luxury are two ideas Galliano always seemed fond of, and I was always interested to seem him rework those ideas.  Back in the good ol' days...  Regardless, I'm quite partial to creamsicle orange feather coats and those dangerous looking wedges.

Vogue Paris March 2003



Last wednesday I went to the financial district with some friends to march to Foley Square with occupy wall street and the unions supporting the protests.  The turn out was really great - it must have been the largest march since occupy wall street began a few weeks ago - and I felt like everything went really well when I left around 8:00PM.  But later that night I found out that once things calmed down and most people had left the police moved in on Liberty Square using both batons and pepper spray on protesters. The police knew it was an opportune moment to agitate tired protesters in order to have an excuse to use force and make arrests.  Government and media resistance has been disturbing, but at the very least it seems like things are getting better as more people support the protests.

On another note, today I had some grommets put on my jacket - two large ones on the front shoulders and seven on the back forming a smiley face.  For my senior collection I'm doing the same thing on some garments I'll be making, but I wanted something to wear now.  Next week I'll be getting something similar done on another one of my jackets, too.

vintage jacket, giuliano fujiwara shirt, tee courtesy of blood is the new black, kill city jeans, demonia creepers

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