I found this Adrienne Landau faux fur stole on ebay last week for cheap.  I wasn't positive I was going to love the color - flash photography, ya know - but it's really lush in person. Blue with black usually only happens when I wear denim, but I also like the more luxurious aspects you can bring out in these colors like in Charlie le Mindu's F/W 10 collection.  On another note, today I wore my coyote pelt instead of this stole, and while I was walking I saw a dog leashed up on the street.  I always stop and pet dogs, always always always.  I'm entirely dog obsessed and depressed that I haven't seen my own corgi for over a year now.  So I've been petting random dogs on the street in New York for three years, I've always felt really comfortable about it because normally I can read dogs pretty well - not this time.  The lil fucker bit me!  No warning growl, no shy ears and no frightened eyes, just teeth on my hand.  So now you know, if I stop blogging it's probably because I have rabies or tetanus and died or something.


  1. Lol. About the dog! My dog bit me and really scared the shit out of me. Well it was only a puppy at that stage and kept eatting leaves and flowers in the yard so I had to keep opening it's mouth to get them out and the little shit bit me! And I also remember taking it to the park for a walk and it was licking some feral Cadbury chocolate wrapper.

    I do remember someone else being bitten randomly on the tummy - I think the dog was trying to tell the person that they need to loose weight?

    Anyway enough of that. Awesome outfit.

  2. That stole is fabulous. Awesome find.

  3. Never wear black without the blue!
    The puppy wasn't cool with the pelt.
    I don't mean to be a peta slore, but if you love puppies so much, how do you rationalize wearing fur? It's beautiful no doubt, but also a little sickening, no?

  4. It is beautiful and feels spectacular, but the techniques involved in making a good fur coat are fascinating, too.


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