"D0 U KN0W WH0 I AM??!?!"

I wore this earlier in September when I was asked to work the guest list for the Seven & Oyster Magazine party at Tribeca Grand at the end of fashion week.  Let me tell you, guest lists are always special experiences - it's not glamorous, but it can be fun.  People are completely crazy and honestly, a person's attitude rarely reflects their position or status - I got so much attitude from people who were, well, nobodies.  I had worked at Lincoln Center and Bryant Park before - both backstage and checking guests in to shows - but this was the first time I had security guards to help me.  They were super sweet, and now it's like my life goal to hire a bodyguard at some point because these dudes were so much fun.

I compiled a list of tips for entering a party.. it's all pretty obvious, but somehow no one ever seems to realize or care.

1.  RSVP for the party.  Duh.  Unless you're friends with the person at the door, a friend of whoever is hosting the party or instantly recognizable as a "someone" you won't get in unless you RSVPed.
2.  Arrive early if you absolutely must get into the party.  If it's crowded and late in the night you may not get in even if you RSVPed.
3.  Don't expect to get anything more than a plus one.  If you arrive with five people that haven't RSVPed the person at the door will not sympathize with you.
4.  Dress cute or be sexy.  I had no qualms letting girls in if they looked cute, and if you're a sexy boy use your charms.
5.  Be fucking polite.  The person at the door is not responsible for the list, and they can't change it.  Trying to peer over at names on the list is also really fucking annoying.  I had several people try to tell me they were friends of a coworker or boss, but they couldn't tell me anyone's last name - R U SERIOUS?  Throwing names around makes you look really stupid and yes, when you're gone we will make fun of you.
6.  RSVPing to an event on facebook is not really RSVPing.  Bringing the facebook page up on your phone to show you were "invited" makes you look like a fool.  There's always a contact address listed somewhere that you will have to email.

vintage jacket and shirt, tank courtesy of blood is the new black, tights from st marks, chloe sevigny x opening ceremony x nana pole climber boots

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  1. another supreme look-i'm forever fawning over your style since finding this blog!



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