Last wednesday I went to the financial district with some friends to march to Foley Square with occupy wall street and the unions supporting the protests.  The turn out was really great - it must have been the largest march since occupy wall street began a few weeks ago - and I felt like everything went really well when I left around 8:00PM.  But later that night I found out that once things calmed down and most people had left the police moved in on Liberty Square using both batons and pepper spray on protesters. The police knew it was an opportune moment to agitate tired protesters in order to have an excuse to use force and make arrests.  Government and media resistance has been disturbing, but at the very least it seems like things are getting better as more people support the protests.

On another note, today I had some grommets put on my jacket - two large ones on the front shoulders and seven on the back forming a smiley face.  For my senior collection I'm doing the same thing on some garments I'll be making, but I wanted something to wear now.  Next week I'll be getting something similar done on another one of my jackets, too.

vintage jacket, giuliano fujiwara shirt, tee courtesy of blood is the new black, kill city jeans, demonia creepers


  1. wow so vivid, I have friends involved they said its such a good cause, I agree. College tuitions are hiking up its ridiculous.

  2. Thanks for this blog and for supporting the hundreds of millions of Americans getting screwed every day by the plutocrats and their political flunkies!



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