I was with my family in California for the past week.  Having a six/seven hour flight the morning after a break up was miserable, but the trip was a good distraction from there on out.  Nothing exciting to share right now, but I do have some mobile photos to unload.

  1. posters I saw on the Bowery; thumbs up to that
  2. sequoias in california
  3. my aunt's chihuahua
  4. what I wore today
  5. some F/W 08 Louis Vuitton platform boots I've been in love with for a long time just happened to be hanging out in a shoe repair store in the west village



Mirror image of my life right now.  My boy left the city and me with it.
I'm scared that the second I turn off my computer and try to go to sleep I'm going to start crying again.



I made another jacket this weekend, this time in a floral upholstery fabric.  It vaguely reminded me of Celine's Resort 2012 collection, though obviously much more subdued.



Afgans freak me out a little - the way the hair on their heads looks almost human is soooo weird.

Vogue Italia March 2011


WH0'5 TH4T G1RL?

All smiles earlier this week - the tee, my jacket and my necklace (which you can't see).

all clothing vintage, dr martens boots



These were taken back in 2010.. I was feeling a bit nostalgic tonight.



Tonight I finished the jacket I've been working on this past week.  This is one of the pieces I'm making for my senior collection, but it's just a mock up I made in some fabric I had on hand.  There were a few minor changes from the last one I made in that wasabi green twill, but it's almost impossible to tell.  Hopefully this weekend I'll get the hardware put on so I can take better photos of it..



I found this giant fur coat today while shopping around wburg - definitely the best fur I've ever found so far, too.  No batwing sleeves, no excessive shoulder padding, no cheesey collar, no nipped in waist, no flared silhouette, and no 3/4 length sleeves.. AMEN.  It closes left over right, too, so I guess it's a men's coat.

vintage fur and shirt, zara jeans, dr martens boots


I made this jacket earlier this spring, and now I'm tweaking the pattern a bit for use in my senior collection.  This weekend I started sewing the new proto in a khaki colored stretch canvas which I'm hoping will turn out worth sharing when it's done - it would be nice to have two 'sister' jackets in coordinating colors.  You can also see progress photos from while I was making it HERE.


TH15 1S H0W 1 D0

Today I wound up at work pretty much entirely alone because one of my bosses went to Hong Kong.  While working I kept eyeing this tie dyed cardigan that was lying on a table beside me - I have a gray one that is almost identical that you can see in my post from two days ago - but the tie dyed plaid is so special.  Hopefully I'll get my hands on one of my own soon!

vintage jacket, pleasure principle cardigan, acne sweater, zara jeans, demonia creepers



Some things from this past week or two:

  1. I mentioned before that I'm stockpiling stripper shoes for my senior show that's coming up in April - these are my favorites so far.
  2. A wall in my room.
  3. When I ordered these shoes online I was under the impression they were going to be all white (which would have worked with the clothing in my collection), but it turned out only the upper is white so I'll have to spraypaint them or something just like with the red heels a few posts down.  I had bought the track pants just before getting the shoes in the mail, and they seemed strangely appropriate to capture together.
  4. Wore my platform docs with leopard tights earlier this week..
  5. My deliciously pointy Alexander Wang boots.
  6. Really cute Moonspoon Saloon Alien tees
  7. Stalker status photo of my friend Liz
  8. Liz's Moonspoon Saloon x Buffalo platform sneakers
  9. The lavender faux fur coat I mentioned awhile ago is still on my mind..

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