Let's see, what's been going on.. I've been sick for the past week (miserable!), my last semester of college began (scary!) and I decided to start a blogspot for shoes in place of my tumblr (exciting! find it HERE).  I've added a lot to the new blogspot.. it's just as much a personal resource as it is eye candy for anyone who wishes to look.  I know people love the sharing capabilities of tumblr, but the format really isn't right for what I wanted to do.

Below, some random moments from the past few weeks.  The last photo is from tonight.  One of the cats that lives on campus was sleeping on my bag while I was working, and when I was leaving I picked my bag up and the cat fell right in.  I walked out of the computer lab I was in with the cat in my bag.. which I have been trying to accomplish for three years.  Check that off my bucket list.



"Androgynous Pratt student documents his outfits that run the gamut from everyday college kid to flamboyant club kid. Anyone who throws on a pair of Balenciaga platforms or 9" fetish stilettos to cheer himself up is pretty awesome and entertaining in our opinion!"

"Dressing up is what William loves to do most. This young designer from New York doesn’t dress for fashion but just to have fun and enjoy himself like the big kid that he is. Both adorned as a man and woman, his blog isn’t your common “check-out-my-outfit” type blog. It’s a journey into NYC’s crazy nightlife with party outfits straight from the young creative/transvestite scene. Juggling Timberland homemade platforms, tie-dye t-shirts, camo baggy trousers and an orange furry jacket, his looks are absolutely bonkers-awesom, leaving us wanting more everytime. We strongly recommend that you check out his collection too . Made from Japanese anime babe-printed fabric, it’s pretty darn cool."

"I strongly believe in the comeback of Manga and will further explore its use in contemporary art and fashion. Most probably, 'sexualization' will become a core motif. In the first instance, I'd like to draw your attention to the reanimation of Anime by Dripping Lazers."

Rainbow Lucky Charms