Senior year sucks because..
  1. You're expected to have at least $1,000 to spend on your collection and being frugal in any way can only imply how little you care
  2. You have $0 to spend on yourself (see above)
  3. No matter how much time you spend working (8-14 hours a day, not including classes) it's never enough
  4. You have no time for sexy time (see above)
  5. Teachers think you have nothing better to do than make samples for them because they can't visualize the sample you have in the color/fabric you're going to make it in later
  6. Teachers think your senior collection is the absolute most important moment of your life so if for even a second you express in anyway that you just don't care about their feedback they flip out
  7. Teachers assume you want their feedback
  8. Your peers are generally pissed off and taking it out on eachother
  9. The fit model thinks her opinion is relevant and suggests your garment is too short, too tight or needs an unnecessary, time consuming extra detail
Btw Jeremy Scott Fall 2012 is amaaazing, and my collection is definitely one giant application to work for him.

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