I have a lot of photos to share from the senior show, but I'll get to those later.. here are photos taken by William Eadon of Elizabeth's costume collection based on Alejandro Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain, modeled by herself.  Amazing on so many levels.


C4LV1N KL31N !

I'm not going to go in depth about this matter right now so here's a summary - I was cut from the fashion show, but I let my friend Elizabeth wear a dress and jacket I made the day of the show.  Obviously, designers walk out at the end of the show so my work was shown, only no one from outside my school knew it was my work.  After the show me and Elizabeth met Calvin Klein when he approached her to compliment her collection and what she was wearing...  thankfully someone mentioned it HERE.  Also, you can watch the show HERE - the show itself starts 27 min into the video, and you can see my dress and jacket on Liz at 1:10:40 in the finale.  So funny/tragic/ironic/amazing that he liked my clothing, but will likely never see all of it or know it was mine.  What can you do?



Most of the students who were cut from the senior show set up their work in our studios today for a small presentation we're holding tomorrow for family and friends.  This presentation happened at the insistence of one of my peers - in the past there has never been any showing of the work of students who were cut from the fashion show.  When you're cut you become pretty much irrelevant to the school.  So today we set up our humble presentation - just clothing on racks with some mannequins dressed in key looks.  Here's my rack with my faux fur tent dress on the mannequin behind me.  The orange shirt dress I'm wearing is from a friend's collection.  I hadn't realized it matched my coat so well until today so I put them on together.  Traffic cone eleganza.. what else can I say?

More to come!  & You can see everything behind me in more photos HERE.



My friend Elizabeth had some of the platform sneakers she's using in the senior show with her this morning so I tried two pairs on.  The orange ones she borrowed from her friend Eric, and they're vintage Buffalo.  The white ones are Jeffrey Campbell.  I'll have to hunt a pair of the JCs down next time I have some spare cash.

Btw I have my first job interview this Friday.  I was really excited until I realized I have to take a train to Connecticut for the interview.  So crazy!!!  I'm feeling way too young for this kind of thing.  I have almost nothing appropriate to wear to an interview, too.  FREAKing out.



Some screenshots from tumblr that make me happy..



Tuesday I had my second and final review at Milk Studios.  Each student met with a panel of critics, my panel including Ham1sh B0wles and C4therine Malandr1n0.  We were scored in several categories and look by look on a scale of one to five.  C4therine gave me exceptionally low scores - she's been to Japan and "seen it before" - and Ham1sh gave me all 3s.  I was cut from the show.

I think I've said more than enough about that..
You can see more photos of the collection HERE.



Just a few more weeks of school before I graduate!  Just been tying up some loose ends and job hunting.. let me know if anyone has any good leads for me in New York.


BLU3 ! BLU3 ! BLU3 !

Woke up with photobooth yesterday morning.  Looking like a hot mess, but you know if you put enough crap on people are bound to overlook it.

vintage shirts, homemade speed necklace, adrienne landau faux fur stole



I finished up my senior collection a week ago.  It's five looks total, and everything is in this post.  I don't know how others school work, but at my school we personally pattern and sew every single garment we design.  The artwork is not my own, but I did personally collage all the images together for the prints.  The show is at the end of this month, but I will not know if I'm in or out until two weeks from now.  The photos are arranged by look (jacket, top, skirt).  Obviously that blue houndstooth dress is the black sheep... I changed directions in the process of creating this collection so many times that this dress, the first piece I completed, looks almost like a neanderthal next to modern man.  In a larger group I could have integrated this dress successfully, but a five look collection has to be extremely tight.

My photo
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"I strongly believe in the comeback of Manga and will further explore its use in contemporary art and fashion. Most probably, 'sexualization' will become a core motif. In the first instance, I'd like to draw your attention to the reanimation of Anime by Dripping Lazers."

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