W4NN4 S33 MY W4NG?

What I've been wearing lately, some recent hair adjustments on my gurls........ and my second vlog thing.  It's not really a vlog, but I like using that word, it's funny.  This time you get twenty seconds.

all clothing vintage (in every outfit), alexander wang boots, doc martens, pony sneakers,  homemade speed choker and necklace



As a label with such a rich history in fur and leather I am always excited to see the goods at Fendi each season.  For S/S 13 there were these amaaazing little color blocked cube clutches with fur cube charms attached.  There was a healthy helping of geometric/color blocked clutches and totes, and I'm also loving the new baguette covered in pegs.

edit:  Okay, I reeeeally didn't want to do any posts like this because I originally wanted to only post one photo the cube clutches (so in love!!), but it quickly turned into a mass bag post (there was a lot to love).  Now I feel like I have to do more for accessories from other shows... but we'll see.



I emptied my storage unit earlier this week - thank god - but wound up being screwed over by my movers.  I'm not sure when I'm going to become numb to typical rude new york moments like that, it's always disheartening - to say the least.  Among the things I unpacked were my homemade speed necklaces... had to snap them all together over some faux fur.  Kewt kewt.

On the bright side, today I got my skeleton girl Monster High doll in the mail so I can finally share all three lovely laaaadies.  The hair was sooo mangled from the box, but I'm gonna fix it and get back with the results soon.  While I was at home earlier this month I remembered Jane from Sea of Shoes posting some Monster High dolls... and the obsession just now sank in.  I'll have to take photos of their shoes - the skeleton one came with these D2Squared spine pumps that are really rad..

The sweater with shredded effect sleeves is Alexander Wang (not mine sadly).

blood is the new black tee, vintage fatigues, homemade speed necklace, substitute trotter platform sneakers



What I've worn to work this week... pretty much everything is vintage, but the hotdog tee was clearance from Walmart (got it when I was home last week), the sneakers are by Substitute, and the Levi's vest I studded while I was home, too.  The dark, muted lavender faux fur coat is by Blackheart, and I wanted it last fall (see HERE) but never bought it.  Luckily, no one bought any of them so my boss gave me one today.



I don't stalk style.com like I used to, but I have been skimming through the shows every few days.  Proenza Schouler was my favorite from NYFW... it's all about the depth to each garment and the details so I picked out close up shots.  And of course, the color story is as on point as ever - I honestly don't know how anyone can commit to a black wardrobe when there are designers like Jack and Lazaro.



  1. It's been almost a year since I last cut my hair.  Sadly, my hair grows very slowly, and my early 80's Madonna hair goal is still out of reach.  Reference Burning Up music video for full effect.
  2. New tattoo, and - dear god - I'm never letting a needle that close to my nipple ever again.
  3. Madonna, 1983.  I'm a few inches away.

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