What I've worn to work this week... pretty much everything is vintage, but the hotdog tee was clearance from Walmart (got it when I was home last week), the sneakers are by Substitute, and the Levi's vest I studded while I was home, too.  The dark, muted lavender faux fur coat is by Blackheart, and I wanted it last fall (see HERE) but never bought it.  Luckily, no one bought any of them so my boss gave me one today.


  1. You studded that jacket in a week!!! .... you work fast!

    "William walked into the club and out of the steady drizzle outside. He woke up pissed-off that morning and nothing the world had to offer during the day, including the rain, would change that. As he looked quickly around the mostly empty room he fixed on the guy at the cigarette machine. Square head and built like a brick shithouse in Atlanta, these guys were embraced by the major fashion houses as icons of male beauty in the 70's and 80's. Problem was and is, thought William, by the time they hit their mid 20's genetics kick in and they start to lose their cutes and pack on the weight. 'Hey Armani boy', shouted William, 'let's go'! Sometimes you just gotta work fast, he thought"

  2. Denim vests only really take 3 days if you have a lot of free time... but leather takes longer. What's that quote from?

  3. Well it's not a quote actually - I just wrote it. You are the fictional "William".

  4. That's too funny. Unfortunately, I'm not that assertive when it comes to my non fiction life. I need Armani boy to take charge!

    1. When I saw how quickly you had studded the jacket I thought, "I wonder if he works that fast when he's at a club". I immediately answered my own question by thinking, no, you were probably not like that at all but I gave you the leading role anyway. Hmmm, maybe I should develop the character further based on what I see in your blog.... I don't know....


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