Got this green cosplay wig today and had to test drive it.  Not used to wigs this short, but I love it.

anime jacket and faux fur made by me, homemade speed necklace



The orange faux fur from my senior collection (see more of it HERE and HERE) was worn by Le1f in his newest music video.  Too sick for words!



Just got these F/W 12 LD Tuttle for Helmut Lang wedge ankle boots so I thought I'd share an updated family portrait of my power bottom heels.  I do have eight other pairs of heels, but the rest are for drag - these are, well, my boy heels.

The pair I got is a runway sample, and the name on the sticker inside of them let me know who wore them in the show - Kati Nescher.  The last shape is similar to some boots Ann Demeulemeester has made (which I love), but the wedge is 100% LD Tuttle - fragmented and so skinny it's like a blade under your foot.  They also have stretch leather panels on the sides of the shaft so the fit is sleek, but not suffocating.  The quality is impeccable, as well - I'm always wary of super skinny wedges like this, but these are some solid motherfuckers.

edit:  I just saw some detailed photos of the retail version in stores, and the wedge is lower and thicker.  Yikes.  I wouldn't mind a little more comfort (these are steep), but the second you diverge from the original design you lose some of its essence.  If you're as obsessive about shoes as I am I'm sure you'd never notice any difference between the ones on the runway and the ones in stores... but I consider myself lucky I got this pair.

left to right:  Jil Sander F/W 07, Alexander Wang F/W 10, Helmut Lang x LD Tuttle F/W 12, Dolce Vita



Did some shopping this week (oops) after finishing the part time work I was doing.  The standout pieces I bought were this pink marabou feather jacket and a printed silk chiffon shirtdress.  Both are completely breathtaking, but unfortunately photobooth does not do either of them any justice.  I actually also stopped by ODD. to get this blue lip tar they developed with Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics.  I went to OCC's flagship first (which is two doors down from ODD.), but they were closed while packing most of the store's stock to send to Sephora.  Talk about corporate buzz kill.  I wanted to peruse their full selection of lip tar colors with a staff that actually knows about the product (i.e., not at Sephora), but I will just have to go back later.

Btw if you didn't remember, I like to match Pokemon to my outfits... so here we have Krookodile, Maractus, and Vanillite from the Black & White series.  I'd rather not admit how much time I spent deciding on the right one for each look, but I think everyone fantasizes a little.



LORDY.  Adult life, what can I say?  It's rough.  This week I did some freelance/part time work as a milliner's assistant.  After going to college for fashion design and practically living in the studios I imagined a few eight hour days doing hats wouldn't be too much, but this is very different.  I'm not blocking hats (never done it and it takes experience), but my fingers and hands are ravaged from the hand sewing.

So now I'm playing photobooth catchup.  Been stalking ebay like mad lately for both Monster High dolls (obsessed if you haven't noticed), as well as shoes.  Ironically, the only pair here from ebay is these kooky vintage steve madden sandals (which are the perfect clunky 90s shape).

Steve Madden leopard sandals, Dolce Vita Halle ankle boots, Ann Taylor fluorescent sandals, Pleaser Bondgirl-709 gun heels, Pleaser Xtreme-1020 platform boots


D34TH B3C0M35 H3R

What I wore last Friday for an early Halloween party - it wound up being the only time I went out for Halloween since the hurricane wrecked the transit system earlier this week.  Also got this suuuper cute Monster High Gloom Beach Frankie Stein doll today (with a chibi Trunks doll/thing I bought over ten years ago).

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