Miu Miu!  So beautiful and cute... & obviously I'm living for the platform sandals with the bright, thick tights.



Loving all of Peggy Noland's hand painted clothing.  The bleeding at the hem of the pink velvet dress is pretty orgasmic.


C0K3 N41L

Snagged these F/W 08 Givenchy sandals at a consignment store before leaving nyc.  I think I like these even more than the boots from that collection (see them HERE and HERE), but I didn't really buy them to keep them, they're just another pair I'm reselling that happens to fit me.  I've had them listed on ebay for awhile now with no bids, but I can't say I'm going to be disappointed if I have to keep them.



Never a dull moment at Versace... 



The pieced mink coats at Prada are gorgeous... 



Christopher Kane is the first standout for me this season.  The collection was very diverse, but the closing looks were uniquely spectacular.


4UT0MN3/H1V3R 2013

I was going to post all of my F/W 13 favorites on my footwear blog ages ago, but never got around to doing it (I'm lazy oops) --- so instead I pared down to just one pick from each label (except Tom Ford). I'll be sure to do the same when it comes time to tackle S/S 14 otherwise I'll simply neglect to post them promptly again...

Top to bottom:
Prada sandals, Givenchy ankle boots
Brian Atwood sandals, Dolce & Gabbana sandals
Pierre Hardy pumps, Miu Miu sandals
Tom Ford thigh high boots
John Galliano ankle boots, Aperlai ankle boots
Camilla Skovgaard ankle boots, Walter Steiger pumps


0H M4R10!

Last time I posted about jewelry it was Tom Binn's painted/glow in the dark crystal masterpieces (here), and this time it's a Net-A-Porter exclusive Mario Testino x Erickson Beamon collaboration - which is basically everything I already love about Erickson Beamon jewelry but with a Peruvian twist.  The pom pom detailing is unexpected, but delightfully playful and well executed - and I really love the bold scale of the earrings.  Total statement pieces, but it's still easy to see them worn for practically any occasion.



Had fun picking out patches for this jacket last week, but I'm already thinking I'll have to get a few more to add to it - can't stop until it's as chaotic and tacky as possible.



Last Thursday I went to my school's senior show, and ironically I just found these photos yesterday from a shoot in February.  That means it has been over a year since I released all of my work, and nearly two years since I developed the collection.  Craaazy.



At the beginning of last summer I had a pair of platform hiking sandals on my mind - I'm not sure what editorial I saw a pair in originally, but they were definitely the most major footwear option I could imagine for sweltering heat and long city walks.  Fast forward to now, I found these (HERE) which are so amazing!  Personally, I'd want a flat 2-3" pair (please don't make me use the word 'flatform'), but I love these so much I had to share them.



Nails for the sake of nails! I've been doing a lot of fake nails lately for nights I go out, but also some extra long sets just for fun. And I say just for fun because it's practically impossible to do anything with nails this long on so I never keep them on for more than an hour or two.



Almost forgot about posting the documentary for Sharon Needles' This Club is a Haunted House - anyone who went to one of the album release parties in nyc, la, or another city saw this in January or February already, but it was just posted online this past week.  You can catch me in a very brief moment in the first ten seconds of it.  You can also find photos of my look from that day and a short vlog about the first day of filming HERE.



When I'm shopping consignment and thrift I typically go through racks of all sizes, and I'll even look at the shelves of shoes that are not my own size because there is always something hiding or out of place.  Yesterday this pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals were like a neon billboard calling my eyes to them on a shelf of size 6/6.5 shoes.  They don't exactly slip on - I'm a size 8, sometimes 7 in American sizing - but these fit like a glove... and no, there are absolutely no toes hanging overboard.



If you're a gay man in nyc you're probably aware in some way of Matthew Camp. He was naked in a bathtub on my desktop background maybe a year or two before I actually found out who he was. Well, recently he started a clothing line.  Naturally this excessively and exquisitely whipstitched leather jacket is my favorite piece.

I only have one question:  is it available in micro twink sizes?  Micro twink, tea cup bottom, pocket gay, nano fag....................



Well, my birthday was the 16th and two days before it I became very ill.  I slept 18-20 hours three days in a row and didn't eat anything for the first two days (I'm a pig so that otherwise never happens) - but by the evening of my birthday I began to feel less shitty and now I'm finally over the worst of it.  Anyway, lately I've been binging on chains.  It started with a box chain link that I made into a necklace, later an industrial strand joined it, and lastly an antiqued copper bracelet and five link necklace.  They're all quite heavy, but I love the simplicity and ease of wearing them.



I finally got my tee from Mainframe today, and the timing was perfect because I had just put some fun nails on (OPI x Nicki Minaj collection Did It On 'Em with swarovski crystals).  It's really cool seeing my print on something I didn't have to slave over on a sewing machine.  The tee is available for purchase at http://mainframe.bigcartel.com/


I S33 Y0U

So F/W 13 wasn't such a hot season for footwear - the standouts that come to mind are Prada and Miu Miu, naturally - but my favorite pair of shoes this season is from Kenzo. These eye motif ankle boots are so killer... perfectly eccentric, but I can also see these blending into my existing wardrobe effortlessly. Nothing like a graphic white shoe to add a jolt of excitement to your style, right? I'm also very much on board with the practicality of a four inch block heel.

Definitely loved the eye motif on the clothing, as well.



My collection was at Nicola Formichetti's studio for an entire month last fall so naturally it was passed around for several projects, one of those being LE1F's music video I covered HERE.  Below we have two separate shoots - the first is for We the Urban mag shot by Hadar Pitchon (who actually photographed me wearing the same jacket HERE) and the last photo was shot by Kevin Amato and styled by Prince Homme.  About a week ago I lent out the remainder of my collection once again so there will be even more to come soon.

As always, see my original post with photos of the full collection HERE or navigate through more of my work by clicking the tag below the post.


R10T 0F C0L0R

I'm completely fixated on Tom Binns' glow in the dark painted crystal jewelry.  I've always loved his brilliant sense of color, but these pieces are so next level.



I've been on something of a taupe/beige/greige/khaki kick lately.  I think the gateway drug was these Timberland boots and afterwards the clothing followed suit - a vintage bomber in a dull khaki, a blonde shearling jacket, and some pale gray jeans to name a few.  And I've been loving it with some recent pale/muted nail colors I've been wearing, too.

The most recent addition to this growing palette in my wardrobe is these LD Tuttle ankle boots which are like the butch sister to the black pair I got a few months ago (see them here).  Naturally, I'm partial to the stacked block heel on this pair over the stiletto on the black pair.

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